May 2nd, 2012


I went a bit wild today, I put it down to the free energy drink.

 I decided to do some prints with the practise lino cut I made on Friday. I didn’t have any ink, so I just used some normal black paint, which meant the outcomes were quite messy, faded or didn’t work at all. I quite liked how some of the prints came out though. I experimented with different ways of applying paint to the lino and how this affected the printed image. Halfway through, I started scratching back into the prints with a pen and found I could create very fine lines by pushing the paint out of the way. Using cardboard first and then some hardboard I made some images purely out of the mark-making over paint method. 

My uni desk is now full of tiny pieces of paper/board and is covered in paint. That’s how it should always be. :)

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